Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Title: Senior DevOps Engineer
Duration: 12+ Months- C2H
Rate: $65/hr on Vendor W2
Location: Strongsville, OH- Tech Center (Hybrid 2-3x weekly in office)

Mandatory Skills in Beeline: 6 years +
• Akami
• DevOps
• Git
• Jenkins
• Python

What type of industry background do you feel would make someone successful in this role:
• FinTech
• Banking
• General Software Development for customer consumption

Describe the dynamic of your team and where this candidate will fit into the overall environment
• 8-9 crew sizes (engineers, testers, agile leaders) connecting through:
• Teams’ chats
• Email
• Daily stand ups
• Refinement and planning biweekly
• 2-week sprints
• Ad hoc meetings
• Constant communication

Describe the role and the key responsibilities in order of which they will be doing day 1 and frequently followed by those they will be doing as the project/work progresses:
• Modify existing software to correct errors, to adapt it to new hardware or to upgrade interfaces and improve performance.
• Design and develop software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design.
• Consult with engineering staff to evaluate interface between hardware and software, develop specifications and performance requirements and resolve customer problems.
• Advise customer about, or perform, maintenance of software system.
• Develop and direct software system testing and validation procedures.
o Full stack developers
o DevOps Develop

Describe the must have technical skills/experience (ask for alternative/tool/version) of the position in priority order:
• Python
• DevOps
• Git
• Akamai
• Jenkins

Education/Years of Experience
• 6-8 years required
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science/relevant field or equivalent work experience required.

Describe what is different about this specific role compared to others hiring for the same skill set
• Transformative opportunity for a large organization effecting internal and external stakeholder. Lots to learn and lots of visibility into leadership.

Describe interview process :
• 1 RD – HM (30min)
• 2 RD ( Tech) 30 min -hr.

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