About Us

Amtex Enterprises Inc. has evolved over the past 2 decades into a professionally managed global IT services and talent management company. Our expertise in helping IT organizations meet their complex staffing requirements combined with our value proposition has helped us grow our US footprint.

Harness the power of Big Data

Big Data comes with immense potential for change; it could be the catalyst your organization needs to overcome inertia. When looking for growth opportunities or solutions of scale, there is no better place to start than the building blocks of data. Amtex Inc. has experience in offering cost-effective solutions, and we bring our broad IT domain experience with professional SMEs to the complex domain of big data.

While analyzing data can provide an organization with a better look at underlying patterns, trends, and a holistic view of their operations, the truth is it can be overwhelming at times. We have, over time, honed our operational policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, and best practices to align with the mission of providing the right resolution to the farsighted needs of organizations.

Choose Us to be a disruptive force in the tech world of tomorrow, our range of offerings can help enterprises new to big data initiatives or troubleshoot an existing solution. We are experts in the complete lifecycle of big data, from warehousing to analytics to visualization. We assemble teams or supplement your current team with architects, programmers, DBAs, QA, statisticians, and data scientists.