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Data Migration & Integration

Migrating data from many sources to the target system is an essential process in building any big data platform or data warehouse. Data today can come in many forms and sizes, and be located inside or outside of networks. Before starting to pull data, it is important to connect the data with the right bandwidth and enable high security, while it may sound simple these are the most daunting challenges in successful data migration.

Our engineers start by asking the right questions and employ proven methods to resolve impediments that can prevent the project from moving forward. The first step is to find the sources and access all the data parts and mappings. Sometimes organizations have a strong knowledge base including data models and data dictionaries, but fail to keep record of this information. We offer solutions to interact with either documentation or people, and gather information that meets the requirements to build processes. Our expertise in choosing the right tool for the integration process extends to selecting products that implement the right data migration solutions.

We provide the ideal solution that can be easily deployed, and work with you to empower a knowledge transfer to your team. Our consultants are committed to providing you with the best chance of success in implementing and improving the probability of data migration and integration services.