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Data Warehouse

The fundamental idea of building a data warehouse is very simple – by periodically extracting data from enterprise data sources, and then moving it from normalized structure to data warehouse, we can now access faster support to the dashboards and canned reports. 80% of the task involves moving data efficiently from the sources to the data warehouse, as it has to run fast, and be accurate based on the requirements and reports.

Our team of data warehouse experts has a proven track record of implementing excellent data warehouse solutions from small to large scale. We work hard to identify the data points, spend more time understanding requirements, and employ de-normalization techniques that eliminate complex entities. We also host processed data, which can then be accessed by a company wide network for use in reporting and analytics. By scheduling data extraction and execution at defined time intervals, we can monitor these jobs that are essential to maintain a constant data flow for the data warehouse. A system of automated alerts can then provide guidelines to fix any shortcomings on the daily processes.

By collaborating with our clients in the development of data marts or on a single data warehouse, we can bring key metrics and information together to a central location using reporting services. Though data continues to proliferate at a rapid pace, we can help clients store, and optimize business information, setting the stage to leverage data as a strategic asset of your organization.